Enviro Wash Systems

Skid-Mounted Pressure Washers

This unit is the most technologically advanced system available to vacuum, filter and recycle your wash water. Features solid state controls and lights to tell you when your filters need changing, and a primary 3 part reusable bag filter system that initially filters the wash water to 10 microns, extending the life of your cartridge filters. Combines high output - 10 GPM with the versatility to either (1) recycle your wash water or (2) vacuum up the wash water and dispose.

Features ES2-2 ES2-3
Filtration Flow Rate 10 GPM 10 GPM
Filter Canisters 2 3
Filter Pumps 2 3
5 Micron Filter Cartridge 1 2
1 Micron Filter Cartridge 1 1
Shipping Weight 300 lbs 307 lbs

Enviro Systems II Standard Features
Vacuum Head 125" CFM 250
Motor Rating 5000 Hours AMP Draw 15.5
First State Filtration Bag Type 5 Micron Filter Bags(3)
1-12" Vacuum Hose - 50' Scupper (1)
Universal "Gray" Sock 3 Oil Pillow (1)
80 Micron Trash Filter PVC Drain Valve Port

Skid-Mounted Pressure Washers Skid-Mounted Pressure Washers Skid-Mounted Pressure Washers