Natural Gas Power Washers

Power Washers - Natural gas Engineered for industrial and commercial applications. Our units feature EZ Service design, reinforced steel frames to reduce vibrational damage while in the field, along with our standard components including Honda engines which greatly reduce cost of service and maintenance.

Natural Gas Power Washer Engineering Features:
  • Dual Belt Drive Motor
  • 50' HI Pressure Hose
  • Polyethylene Float Tank with Dual Floats
  • Powder Coated Frame
Model # GPM PSI
PLO500 4.0 2,000
PLTO600 4.0 2,000
PLO750 3.5 3,000
PL1000 4.1 3,000
Larger Sizes Available

Natural Gas Pressure Washers

Natural Gas Power Washer Natural Gas Power Washer