Power Wash Trailers

Power Wash Trailers We've engineered our power wash trailers for Professionals who want a quality built/ dependable power wash trailers at a reasonable price. Our equipment is proudly enigineered, fabricated, and assembled in the USA. We incorporate Industrial Power Units with belt-driven premium TRI-Plex pumps and a separate generator system for the heating system; this produces high output with ULTIMATE RELIABILITY. Whether you need to clean your equipment, buildings, concrete, fleet, graffiti, shopping malls, etc... We can custom build a unit to fit your needs. All of our power wash trailer units come fully loaded with a complete accessories package at no extra charge! All of our power wash trailers come with following standard features:
  • Diamond Plate Steel Deck Trailers -
  • Welded Steel Cage for Washer Tank - No wimpy straps!
  • Plug and Play System - No Assembly Required
  • Separate Belt Driven Power Generator - Engineered with a separate belt driven 65 Amp Alternator on our "Commercial Duty" units and a 115 volt generator on our "Industrial Duty" Units to power the electrical system. This creates an extremely reliable system.
  • Dual Filter Intake System - We pre-plumb the pump intake so you can draw water from a tank or garden hose, and we include a dual filter system, one 80 mesh and the other 50 mesh, to protect the pump. This has proven to dramatically increase the pump life and reduce down time.
  • Pump Saver System - We also engineer systems with our "Pump Saver System." When trigger is released the bypass water re-circulates back to water tank. This keeps the head of the pump cool, extending its life.
  • Complete Belt Driven System - All components are belt driven. The pump, generator are Dual-V-Belt Driven. Belt driven reduces vibration and allows th pump to run at 1/2 RPM. This extends operational life.
  • Antifreeze System - We buid our trailer units with our exclusive quick-antifreeze system, where you close one ball valve and open the antifreeze ball valve - then run the machine for 30 seconds and the entire system is antifreezed - to start the machine - then recapture the antifreeze in the antifreeze tank. We also incorporate our cool pump system that keeps the head of the pump cool for long life.

Double Axle Power Wash Trailers

Power Wash Trailers Double Axle Power Wash Trailer Double Axle

Single Axle Power Wash Trailers

Power Wash Trailer Single Axle Power Wash Trailer Single Axle